The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled - Part 1 (Transcript)

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Announcer: Today, on Family Talk:

Dr. Dobson: Well, welcome everyone to Family Talk. As you know, this is a listener supported radio ministry. I'm your host, Dr. James Dobson, and I'm really glad you're with us today because we have a very important topic and guest to bring to you.

My guest in the studio is no stranger to our airwaves. He is a New York Times best-selling author of books, including The Paradigm, The Harbinger, and The Book of Mysteries, The Shemitah. And now a new one called The Oracle, and we're going to be talking about that, for good reason, because the reception has been incredible.

Our guest is a senior pastor and messianic rabbi at the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel. This is a prominent worship center in New Jersey for people from all walks of life. My guest is also the president of Hope of the World Ministries.

Now it's time that I told you who I'm talking about. He's my friend, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He has been here seven times before, this is the eighth, and it is always a delight to have you with us. I think no one writes the kind of stuff you do, and because of the prophetic element of it, it's just fascinating to me.

Rabbi Cahn: Thank you. It is my honor always to be here. I grew up in my faith as a believer, even before I believed, I heard you, I knew of you. It's just an honor to be here.

Dr. Dobson: Well, you grew up in a Jewish home, you are a Jew.

Rabbi Cahn: I did. I am.

Dr. Dobson: How is it that you were listening early on to a Christian-

Rabbi Cahn: Well, when I was a teenager, I started seeking the Lord. One day I went into a church and they said, "Oh, and don't miss the series, the film series of Dr. Dobson." That was even before I was a believer, you know? Then of course as a believer I would listen to you. So it's an honor, Dr. Dobson.

Dr. Dobson: Well, one of the previous times when you were here, we told a little bit about your childhood and your story growing up. You decided that you were an atheist at eight years of age, being in a Jewish home. Was it an Orthodox Jewish home?

Rabbi Cahn: No, reform. That's kind of the least of those who go to temple. So, I did go to temple, I went to Hebrew school my whole childhood.

Dr. Dobson: So, how come you bailed ship at eight years of age?

Rabbi Cahn: Well, because they showed us film strips on the God of the Bible, and I saw that God who was real and moving. Then I went to the synagogue and I didn't see any sign of him.

I just saw the liturgies. It was kind of like an echo of what once was. But the rabbi never got up and said, "Hey, the Lord really spoke to my heart today, and he really led... " It was like something that was ancient and it was religious, but I didn't see the signs, so I said, well, how do I know there's even a God?

And that's how it happened. That's how I became an atheist at eight.

Dr. Dobson: Is that still true in that aspect of Judaism?

Rabbi Cahn: In many. It's often a tradition for many Jewish people. They're Jewish by birth, and they're proud of that, or they know there's something. But not so much a living faith.

The Orthodox are a bit different. They're taking it more seriously. But for many Jewish people, it's, we know we have to keep this going. We know we're Jewish, we know it's important.

But they go to synagogue, and like many people who are Catholic, they say the ritual, they say the liturgy. I didn't see people when I was growing up, a Jewish person say, "Hey, the Lord, and he changed my life." It just didn't happen.

Dr. Dobson: So at eight years of age, you decided God does not exist, and you didn't want any part of him.

Rabbi Cahn: Yes.

Dr. Dobson: But at 20 years of age, you changed your mind again.

Rabbi Cahn: God had his way. Well, when I was about 12 I started saying, "This doesn't work. There's got to be a reason behind everything. There's got to be some reason." So that opened me up to start seeking what's the truth. I started getting every book on everything I could. Science, religion, UFOs, Chariot of the Gods, remember back then?

Dr. Dobson: Yeah.

Rabbi Cahn: One day I picked up a book, I thought it was like a UFO book like Chariot of the Gods, because it looked like it. It was The Late, Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. I was like, "Whoa, the Bible said this, and Israel," and I didn't know that. Nobody told me that. The Bible prophesied was coming true.

I started telling all my friends about it. I wasn't a believer yet, but I'm telling my friends, and I'm winning them to the Lord. But I wasn't following God, but I'm winning them to the Lord, because I'm telling them, "You've got to see this."

Then I realized it wasn't just, Jesus is real and he's coming... I looked in the Old Testament, it says he's going to be born in Bethlehem, our Messiah is going to be, die for our sins. I thought, how did all this Catholic stuff get into the Jewish-

Dr. Dobson: You actually found Jesus in the Old Testament?

Rabbi Cahn: Yes, I did. Yeah. We had an Old Testament in our house. Nobody read it. But I opened it up, I said, it's all there, you know? So, I couldn't argue with it.

I knew then, listen, you can't just have it in your head. You've got to live it. You're in trouble if you don't. So I said, "Okay, Lord," I made a deal with God when I was about 18 now. I said, "If you give me a long life, I will accept you when I'm on my death bed about to die."

Dr. Dobson: You were bargaining with the Lord.

Rabbi Cahn: It's a Jewish thing. So I did. And because I thought if you follow God, you give up everything good, I have to join a monastery and that's the end of my life, you know? So I made that deal.

Right after I made that deal, I was almost killed twice. The second time was when I was heading to a train track at night and I saw a light, and it was a dangerous thing. No protection. People had been killed there. I see a light, and it's a train, and it's coming.

I didn't realize I'm on the track. So I said, you know what? Let me just be safe. Let me try to back up. And now there's headlights at the back of me, so I could only back up about a foot. But I thought I was just being extra safe. I'm waiting for the train. I'm in the path of the train.

The train comes. I'm in a Ford Pinto that used to-

Dr. Dobson: You were 18 years old?

Rabbi Cahn: No, now I'm 19, and it's the second time I'm almost killed. The car becomes like aluminum foil, and the train plows into the car, and all I could do was call out to God. So I called out to God, and the car was destroyed, and I didn't get a scratch.

Dr. Dobson: You're kidding!

Rabbi Cahn: So I said, I said, "God, can we renegotiate?" I said, "Here's a new deal. I'll accept you when I'm 20, just don't kill me until then." On my 20th birthday, like a man whose contract had run out, I said, "Okay. I gave my word."

I didn't know how to get saved. But I remember from synagogue, from Hebrew school, I saw film strips of Moses on the mountain, Elijah on the mountain. I said, "I've got to find a mountain."

So I found a mountain at night, went to the top of it, kneeled down on a rock and gave my life to the Lord. And that's how I came, you know, the Bible says Jews require signs. I required a train. If it wasn't for that train, I probably wouldn't be safe today. So I thank God for the train.

Dr. Dobson: Okay. At 20, you're really getting into the scripture.

Rabbi Cahn: I was born again, yes.

Dr. Dobson: You're starting to see what is there. You saw Jesus there.

Rabbi Cahn: Yes. Well, I already knew for years Jesus was the Messiah. I never had a struggle with being Jewish, because to me it's like, I was more Jewish now than ever. What's more Jewish than following your Messiah? But I just didn't want to follow him.

But then he made it very hard for me not to follow him. Because I thought if I don't do this, I'm going to get hit by, it'll be a meteorite, something's going to happen. That was two strikes, you know?

So, I gave my life to the Lord, and then my life started changing. Doctor, I grew up with the book Green Eggs and Ham, you know, it says, "Would you eat this thing?" And the guy says, "I'll never eat," and finally in the end, he eats it and he loves it.

Well, that's how it was. I said, why was I fighting this for all... this was the best thing I ever did in my life. Then I started studying the Bible, and people started asking me to teach early on, and then it just started.

The Lord interrupted my life. I was still in college, I was studying history. He interrupted my life to say, "I've called you to full-time ministry." And then later on He would fulfill that.

Dr. Dobson: Oh. When did the call to ministry occur?

Rabbi Cahn: I was in college. It was right after I came to the Lord and I had to decide what to do with my life. Do I go on to graduate school? What do I do? It was just then that He made it very clear that I was to serve Him full time.

When I graduated college, there was nothing, it was a recession, it was the early eighties. There was nothing there for ministry. So I said, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" I said, "Lord, give me something you would do."

So I ended up working with disabled children for a few years and it was a humbling thing. It was patience and all that. While people asked me to teach a Bible study, so I was teaching a Bible study. We were doing a ministry to the homeless in New York City, because we live outside New York City.

I was ministering, but the ministry didn't come, and then one day suddenly I was asked to help start a congregation called Beth Israel in New Jersey, so I did. But I said, "I'm here for a little while, but one day I'm going to have to leave for the ministry." He said, "Okay, do it. Help us out."

So I did. Then one day the leader left and they asked me to lead the ministry. Suddenly overnight after the Lord brought me into ministry as the leader of Beth Israel. That's how that started.

Dr. Dobson: When is the first time anybody called you rabbi?

Rabbi Cahn: 1988, because that's the position they put me in. Rabbi just means really teacher, pastor and teacher. Yeah. Then it started growing, and then we moved into another building, another building.

I was always teaching. I was never thinking, I knew I had to write books, but I just never had the time for it. Then I was at Ground Zero and I saw this thing, and the Lord said, "You have to write now," and that became The Harbinger.

Dr. Dobson: Isn't it interesting that he wanted you... He sought you out. You thought you found him, but he was looking for you.

Rabbi Cahn: It's humbling to think about and it's amazing with all this to think that... He was trying to get through to me for years, and what patience, and amazing, and I'm the least likely person.

Dr. Dobson: Well, Jonathan, you have become a very good friend to me, and vice versa. I just really love you and appreciate what you've done. God is using you in a dramatic way.

The first of your books that I read was The Harbinger. That book, I think, somebody told me that it sold more than 3 million copies.

Rabbi Cahn: Around there, a few million.

Dr. Dobson: That's a lot of books.

Rabbi Cahn: It was crazy. That book pretty much wrote itself. And I had never wrote a book in my life. But I knew it was the Lord, but it just happened. I knew it was just him.

Dr. Dobson: Well, you have these other books that you've written, I want to reserve time for it. But it's called The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled. You are, if not a prophet, you are heavily into prophecy, aren't you?

Rabbi Cahn: You know, I came to the Lord because of prophecy. So I think the Lord sometimes, the way he touches you, you touch others. Religious people are a prophetic people. We're reserved for the beginning and the end. We're a time piece. So I think that's part of it. Many Jewish people came to the Lord because of prophecy.

I didn't specifically say, "Hey, I'm going to do this," but it's kind of natural for me, that it's prophetic.

Dr. Dobson: Speak to our listeners who are Jewish, there are a lot of them out there. I've made a lot of friends in the Jewish community. Speak to them about Jesus in the Old Testament or the Torah. What did you see there that stood out for you?

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah. Well, there's nothing more Jewish than you can ever do than find the Messiah of the Jewish people. I mean, I'm more Jewish now than I've ever been in my life. I'm not trying to be. In fact, even people who are not Jewish by birth, the Bible says they become Jewish in spirit when they become born again.

The Bible gave us prophecies. The Hebrew scriptures say very clearly, this is what Messiah has to be and has to do. One is he has to be born in Bethlehem. I don't know of anybody famous for being born in Bethlehem, only one person, Jesus, or Yeshua, his real name, Joshua. Then it says he will ride on a donkey into Jerusalem. There's only one famous for doing that. The Messiah of Israel has to come at an exact time before the destruction of the temple, before 7 AD, there's nobody except Jesus.

Dr. Dobson: Daniel spelled out the actual year.

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah, the actual years to his coming, and it goes right to his coming. He has to become a light to the Gentiles. That was a stumbling block because you say, well, if all the Gentiles there can't be Jewish, it's the opposite. He has to be.

In fact, one of the reasons why we were told we can't believe in Jesus is well, the Jewish people, we rejected him. The prophecy says he'll be rejected. So if he was accepted, he couldn't be. He'll be rejected by our people, but then in the end, we will come back to him. That's now.

The other thing is, in Isaiah 53 it says he will die for our sins. He will be wounded, he'll be crushed. It talks about the death of the Messiah, one who dies for his... I don't know anybody in my life who I ever heard dies for our sins except this one, Jesus.

There's no number two, Dr. Dobson. We don't have another candidate. There's been about 40 pretty famous people in some ways who came as the Messiah of Israel in the last 2000 years. Many rabbis said, "Okay, he's the one." None of them came to anything. There's no number two.

Is it an accident? The one person in the world, he's the most famous person, the whole world centers on him. We write every moment of our life according to his birth. I don't care if you're Jewish, atheist, communist, you're writing by the birth of this rabbi. And there's only one person, and yet he happens to be the same one who happened to fulfill all the prophecies of the Hebrew scriptures.

I mean, God makes it pretty obvious to me. And he wasn't called Jesus, he was called Yeshua. Which means what? God is the savior. I mean, it makes it very easy to identify him. They call him, well, Christ isn't, well, Christ just means Messiah. There's only one.

I mean, it's the greatest story on earth. It's even prophesied, the Jewish people will be the first to believe in him, the apostles. This is all Jewish, the disciples, they're all Jewish. All the first Christians were Jewish. So much so that they didn't think the big controversy was, can somebody become a Christian if they're not circumcised? I mean, that's how Jewish he was.

And thank God, the door opened by God. But the first shall be last, they'll come in at the end. Jesus said, "I'm not coming again until my family, my people say [Hebrew 00:00:14:16], blessed is he."

Dr. Dobson: Zechariah says they'll recognize him whom they pierced.

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah. Yeah. They will look upon me. That's the great mystery, that God is ironic and mysterious. It's a wonderful story.

But the short answer is there's nobody else. There's only one. There has only been one.

Dr. Dobson: You know, Psalm 22 gives the actual words Jesus spoke on the cross. It's all there. What is that, 800 years before?

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah. The Psalms are from David, even before that. Yeah. I mean, I mean who fulfills prophecy 700 years after they came? We don't have anybody like that.

It doesn't matter what happens in the culture. Jesus is still there. If I try to think about where I was 30 years ago and what I was thinking about, I don't know what was important to me. I probably had an issue, thinking about something. It's gone. But Jesus is just as important now as he was then. He's the only one. He's the only thing. It doesn't matter. 50 years from now he's going to be just as important, because he's the one.

Dr. Dobson: Yeah. Well, let's talk about your book, The Oracle. I know what an oracle is, but you tell us and explain why you have titled your book The Oracle.

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah. An Oracle really means someone who speaks for the divine. You had the fake oracles and the pagan, but the Bible uses the word oracle actually quite a lot in the King James. The oracle can be a revelation of God. It can be the one who reveals it, like a prophet.

The Oracle, Dr. Dobson, is really the biggest mystery I've ever dealt with. It is really so big that it includes everything from Moses to Mark Twain, from Jeremiah to Donald Trump. Really, it's the mystery-

Dr. Dobson: You're serious about that?

Rabbi Cahn: Yes, totally. Mark Twain is linked to biblical prophecy. The secret behind the past, the present, current events right now, the future. It's really to me that master secret of the end times. Where are we going? Where are we heading? It is also the blueprint of our lives. Our lives are linked to this Jubilean thing as well.

It is so big, but also very small in the sense that it's exact. It gives exact dates, when things have to take place according to the Bible, according to biblical mysteries, and it's been happening again and again.

I'll put it this way, and this goes with one of the first questions you asked me, because when I became an atheist, it was because I didn't see the God of the Bible today. The Oracle is saying, we say it's true, but it's showing you in black and white, the God of the Bible, who moved in history and intricately in prophesy, is just as real today behind everything.

It's affected all of our lives. It has affected even the election. The rise of America is part of this mystery. But also down to individual people, when they're born. It's like clockwork. One of the streams, just like the overview, is the Jubilee.

Dr. Dobson: Yeah. Tell us about that, because that's kind of a centerpiece of your book.

Rabbi Cahn: Yeah, the Jubilee, the Lord gave it that, he said on the 50th year they'll be set free, and if you lost your home, you lost your possession, you return home, you come home, you get it back. Say you lost your land, you went into debt, you get it all back. The Jubilee is the year of restoration. It's the year of coming home. It's the year of returning. It's the year of coming back home.

Well, there's one nation on earth that lost its possession more than any other, and that's the Jewish people. We lost our land, lost our home. We lost our city, Jerusalem. In 70 AD, according to the prophecy that Jesus gave, he says, you're going to be taken captive to all nations.

Well, it happened. The Jewish people were scattered to the ends of the earth. We had nothing. We lost everything. But God says that in the end times, I will bring them back from the ends of the earth. I will gather them, and I'll bring them back to Israel.

Well, he did it. That's again what led me back to the Lord. He did it. But the amazing thing is the restoration of Israel, which is part of prophecy, has to happen for Jesus to come again, is all following this mystery of the Jubilee, the Jubilean mystery. There's a mystery that happens that every so many years a gigantic prophetic event is going to take place, from over 150 years ago, to right where we are right now under Donald Trump. And it's also the future.

Another mystery that kind of runs through it, the whole book, is called the mystery of the parashahs. A parashah is, every week the Jewish people open the scrolls, and they have to read an appointed word that's been appointed from ages past for that day or that week.

The amazing thing I found as I'm looking at this, is that at key times they open up the scrolls and they chant the words all around the world. As they do, the words are being fulfilled on that day or at that time around the world. We're going to see it again and again and again.

Dr. Dobson: With reference to what?

Rabbi Cahn: To world events.

Dr. Dobson: What was the world event that you're talking-

Rabbi Cahn: We'll see it through many events.

Dr. Dobson: You're going to walk me through those seven doors, aren't you?

Rabbi Cahn: We're going through those doors, yes. Through those who read The Harbinger, one other dimension to it is that I was led to bring these revelations through a story, like The Harbinger.

Basically in a nutshell, a man is looking for a man called the Oracle, and he finds him on a mountain, and the Oracle is going to reveal these mysteries of God, one after the other, through these seven doors of revelations-

Dr. Dobson: Who's the stranger?

Rabbi Cahn: The stranger is not fiction. The stranger's real, and that's in the first door.

Dr. Dobson: You want to go there now?

Rabbi Cahn: Sure. Moses, before he dies, he gives a sermon, he gives his last words to Israel.

Dr. Dobson: Deuteronomy.

Rabbi Cahn: Deuteronomy. He's the first one to speak about the end times, it's Moses. He says, "You'll be scattered to the ends of the earth, but in the end times, God will bring you back." Moses is the one who said it.

But before he gives that first prophecy of bringing you back, he says something. He says, "What's going to happen is, when you're gone, the land is going to become desolate. The land that was milk and honey is going to become a wasteland. Cursed, cursed." He says, "But a stranger will come from far away, a faraway land. He will come to the land. He will bear witness of its desolation. It's going to be hopeless. After that, then God is going to start restoring you."

Okay. A stranger will come to the land. Did that ever happen? Amazing thing is, a stranger did come to the land from a faraway land when it was at its most desolate. He came from America. He came from across the world. He arrived in the land in the year 1867. That's a key year for this. He goes there and he sees how desolate it is, and he writes a book of how desolate it is.

The stranger was Mark Twain, was Mark Twain.

Dr. Dobson: Really? He was not even a Christian.

Rabbi Cahn: He was a skeptic. To me, that's even more powerful. He is fulfilling biblical prophecy without even knowing that he's doing it, and he's fulfilling the words of Moses. In fact, Mark Twain became famous for the book that fulfilled Moses' prophecy. So American literature is based on this prophecy.

So, he goes to the land, and not only that, Dr. Dobson, Mark Twain, he actually says the same words that Moses says he will say. Moses says, "He will say, nothing grows here. It's desolate." Mark Twain says it. "it's a scorching waste," Mark Twain says it. Moses says he will say, "No grass grows here," Mark Twain says, "Not a blade of grass." He's actually saying the words of Moses, or Moses is saying the words of Mark Twain. And he actually goes through the whole land.

But on top of that, when he gets to the final destination, when he gets to Jerusalem, he's finishing the journey. It's his final day and night in Jerusalem. He's walking through Jerusalem.

On that day, it's the Sabbath. That means there's an appointed word that we talked about. The Jewish people are opening the scrolls all over the world, and they're proclaiming this prophecy. What do they proclaim?

Appointed for that day, they are proclaiming around the world the prophecy, the stranger shall come to the land and he shall bear witness. So Mark Twain is actually walking through Jerusalem, he's walking through the streets of Jerusalem. They're chanting it, he's hearing Hebrew, they're chanting it about him and he's walking, he's walking, fulfilling it, and he has no idea, and they have no idea.

Mark Twain goes home and he writes the book. Right after that, all sorts of things start happening. This is 1867. This is going to be the first year-

Dr. Dobson: Two years after the civil war ended.

Rabbi Cahn: Right, yeah, to place it, yeah. So at that moment, that year is going to be crucial, because everything's going to begin. The restoration of Israel is going to begin. All these strange things start happening in the land, starting with Mark Twain. These strange signs that God is moving...

For instance, the land for 2000 years has been in the hands of enemies. Now it's the Ottoman Empire, the Muslims. That year the Ottoman Empire releases the land to be purchased, and the Jewish people are going to begin purchasing the land back, Jubilee. They get their land back. Everything begins in the year 1867, first jubilee.

There's a strange sign, a biblical sign called the man with a measuring line. He appears. I won't go into it because there's so much stuff I can only scratch the surface.

But all these signs start appearing, and then the Jewish people start coming back to the land in drips and drabs. They start learning how to farm the land, right after Mark Twain writes his book. It all begins there.

But there's more to the mystery. For 2000 years the Jewish people are praying this prayer: "Lord, hear our prayer. Be merciful and bring us back to the land. Hear our prayer, be merciful, and bring us back to the land." They're praying.

Mark Twain's real name of course wasn't Mark Twain. It was Samuel Clemens. Samuel is Hebrew. It means the Lord has heard. And Clemens means and has been merciful.

Dr. Dobson: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, I can't wait to hear the rest of this story, but we're going to be off the air in a few minutes because our time has gone. We're going to pick up right here next time. You've made this long journey. I'm not going to let you go. You may never get out of here, because I want to hear what you've got to say.

Rabbi Cahn: Oh, it'll be a joyful captivity.

Dr. Dobson: All right. Remember where we are now, because we're going to pick up right at this point.

Rabbi Cahn: This is just the first-

Dr. Dobson: First door.

Rabbi Cahn: We did the door knob of the first door of The Oracle, that's the first door. Or it's in the first door.

Dr. Dobson: My brother, I love you.

Rabbi Cahn: I love you too.

Roger Marsh: Well, this is Roger Marsh, and you've been listening to Dr. James Dobson's recent conversation with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn here on Family Talk. Their conversation today, tomorrow and Wednesday is centered around Rabbi Cahn's newest book called The Oracle.

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Well, unfortunately we have run out of time for this program. Be sure to listen in again tomorrow as Dr. Dobson continues his engaging conversation with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Rabbi Cahn will explain how ancient prophecies predicted the Jews' long awaited return to the Promised Land. He also shows how historical figures like Mark Twain and President Harry Truman were intricately involved as well, so be sure to tune in next time for this fascinating interview right here on Family Talk.

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